Tower Fan – it’s best to ask yourself a few simple questions, and before you buy it.

Table Fan – In this new era of upcoming technologies and new inventions, The concept of fans have undergone a drastic change in areas of production techniques, product design, features, results, etc.

After a decade of introduction of fans in the market, Producers started designing further new types of fans. So are TOWER FANS, which holds a key feature of mobility. Unlike normal ceiling fans, a single Tower fan can be used for multiple purposes, can be moved to different locations as per requirement. Consumers nowadays do not just stick onto the consumption of air as the main purpose of fans.

They want new designs along with trendy looks and unique features. Tower fans contribute a major part in development of new types of fans that not only satisfy such upcoming new demands of customers but has also improved the efficiency of fans with its unique features.

it’s best to ask yourself a few simple questions, and before you know it, you’ve chosen the perfect tower fan to meet your needs.

What are the general benefits to tower fans?

Tower fans offer a superior amount of air flow in an incredibly compact unit. These fans distribute air at a 90 degree  angle, oscillating on a stationary base.

This combination of design creates an incredibly efficient and effective product. This tower design is also the most recognizable attribute their shape allows tower fans to slide into spaces that would otherwise be unable to house a fan unit.

Most models offer air ionization, giving the space a clean fresh feeling.


How much space am I trying to cool?

The first question you need to answer is how much space do you need to cool? For larger spaces, you’ll want a fan that offers higher power of air circulation.

Tower fans generally have the ability to oscillate, thereby distributing air to large areas of the space. If the space you are looking to cool is medium to small, your fan decision could be based solely on the dimensions of the unit itself.


How loud are tower fans?

Generally speaking, tower fans are designed to be as quiet as possible.

Tower fans are specifically designed to eliminate any unnecessary noise while still distributing the maximum amount of air.

Their sleek tower design allows air to be more efficiently distributed to multiple levels of the room, unlike its floor fan counterpart. Many of today’s tower fans can complement noise free environments.


Are tower fans easy to operate?

As with any electronic device, the complexity of completing the simplest of tasks can seem daunting. It is important to determine the functionality of your desired fan. Many of today’s tower fans offer multi function options, such as programming, auto shut-off, remote access, as well as various levels of air oscillation.

In addition to these offered traits, some advanced fans offer dual-qualities, like air purifying and humidifying.  When choosing a fan, it’s key to determine the level of efficiency and comfort you are looking for.


What about design?

Don’t forget that while you’re looking for a fan that effectively cools the space, you might also be inclined to consider the attractiveness of the fan.


The space available for your tower fan may have an effect on this decision. Cooling fans have evolved into this tower shape as a way to efficiently provide cool air in the most compact manner possible.


Are tower fans portable?

In addition to compactness and design, you may also consider the mobility of the fan. If you plan to move the fan to various locations frequently, you would probably consider a fan offering lighter weight and handle options.


Are tower fans environmentally friendly?

Tower fans is perfectly efficient and environment friendly and there are several models that is created with extra intention towards it.


The easiest way to reduce your environmental footprint would be to choose a multi function fan, one that doubles as a swamp cooler, fan, humidifier, as well as air purifier. Also, look for a fan with programmable functions, such as an auto shut-off.


If the fan automatically turns off after a desired amount of time, it can help save energy and resources.


Should I be concerned about safety when operating my tower fan?

Tower fans is designed with safety in mind. If you have children or pets that will inevitably be around the fan when it’s in use, you can be confident in the safety measures, Unlike other fan models, tower fan operate in a vertical manner.


The air is blown vertically through the unit, exiting through the small opening on the front of the fan, This design, unique to tower fans, offers a new level of safety.


If your fan will be around young people, consider a programmable fan with a timer shut-off to offer that extra peace of mind.

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